Event: Turning surveillance into migration solidarity

Image: How a AI imagines technologies to help in maritime Search & Rescue

Event on technologies for People on the Move

States around the world are using a hodgepodge of surveillance technologies to counter unwanted migration. However, these tools can also be used to support refugees and asylum seekers: Small and large associations and many people in solidarity operate aircraft and drones for sea rescue, use data from satellites, experiment with sensor technology, analyse publicly available data or follow digital traces to bring human rights violations to justice. Other projects are developing apps to pool various sea rescue data or protect people from pushbacks. These technologies not only benefit refugees on their way to Europe; in many cases, the projects also want to change the political framework with their technical work.

At the event, we will give a brief overview of the new technologies used by state surveillance agencies and then show examples of how these can also be utilised to benefit People on the Move and social movements.

Friday, 1 December, 7:30 pm
Aquarium, Skalitzer Stra├če 6, Berlin
U1/ U3/ U8 Kottbusser Tor

Organisers: SpaceEye, SearchWing, CILIP